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Our Services

Digital Marketing

With PPC advertising, you will get that highly coveted spot at the top of Google search results. And you’ll pay only when someone clicks on your ad. Hence the name, pay-per-click. Do you want to get more clicks and leads, and generate more sales through your website? Then you need an agency that’s an expert in Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing. Digital Onpoint is that company.

We specialize in:

Social Media Campaigns, Paid Search Campaigns, YouTube Ads, Google Ads Management, Google Local Services Ads, Display Ads Management, and Shopping Ads (e-commerce)

Our digital marketing experts are certified by Google and the Digital Marketing Institute. They also have more than five years’ experience in digital marketing, so they can effectively analyse your digital data and make good decisions for your business. They will continually optimise your campaigns, and evaluate your entire digital marketing funnel to help convert your website’s visitors into buying customers. This isn’t the only reason to choose us over our competitors.

So, why else?
1. You have complete ownership over your ad creatives. Meaning that what we create for you will not be replicated to other clients, even if you leave.
2. You will get a dedicated account manager
3. You will get comprehensive monthly reports, which we’ll present to you if you need more in-depth understanding.

Social Media Management

Do you know that 95% of people aged between 18 and 34 are very likely to follow a brand through social media? Also, about 71% of people who receive great customer service through social media are highly likely to recommend a brand to others. This implies that in this digital age, your brand needs to have a social media presence, with a well-thought out social media marketing strategy.

Social media accounts enable your online customer service and engagement efforts. They also enable you to run social media marketing campaigns to achieve your business sales, lead generation, or brand awareness goals.

However, while you may know that you need social media to market your business in order to stay competitive in this digital age, you might not know what platforms would best work for your business. Would it be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, or another platform? And how much would you need to run campaigns and manage these social media platforms?

That’s where Digital Onpoint comes in with social media management and marketing services. We enable you to concentrate on running your business, as we run the complex social media stuff for you.

So, what makes us different from every other agency?

What makes us stand out is that we run your social media accounts how you’d do it yourself. Meaning that we’ll assign you an account manager who understands the nature of your business. Your account manager will sit with you to understand exactly what you need, then formulate a social media strategy that will help your business stand out.

In addition to a dedicated account manager, we’ll give you:

1. Comprehensive monthly reports that analyse your social media performance as compared to your goals and expectations.
2. Access to proprietary analytics software (Sprout Social) so you can track your performance whenever you want.

Email Marketing

If they are well planned and launched, email marketing campaigns are quite simple, efficient, cost-effective. They can also be sent only to the relevant audience to minimize unsubscription. Through opt-in email marketing, drip email marketing, and marketing automation from Digital Onpoint, you can easily grow your contact list, create easy upsells, generate leads, and more.

Our email marketing services include:

1. Building opt-in email lists
2. Creating email marketing content and campaigns
3. Testing and tweaking your campaigns before and after launching
4. Tracking, measuring, and reporting your email marketing campaigns

Why choose Digital Onpoint as your email marketing expert?

1. You’ll own your email marketing creatives. We won’t replicate them to other clients. And you’ll keep them even if you leave
2. You’ll control your marketing costs. This is a low-cost digital marketing strategy, which allows the tracking, measuring, and analysis of results for improvements.
3. You get a dedicated Account Manager to be your email marketing guide, as well as a support team that includes an analyst, web designer/developer, and a dedicated email marketing specialist.
4. You get detailed monthly reports that connect email marketing performance to your marketing goals.

Web Design and Development

A website is one of the most important marketing assets that you should be taking advantage of in this digital age. Just about every business has gone digital in order to tap into a very digital savvy market. This means that you need to have one in order to grow your business. And if you already have one and it isn’t growing your business, it’s time for a new one.You don’t want your
competitors to outperform you, do you?

So what can Digital Onpoint do for your website so that you can gain competitive advantage digitally?

We’ll design and develop for you a visible website

By visible, we mean that your website will appear in search results in search engines like Google. More than 90% of digital experiences begin through search. Choose our website design and development services, and you’ll get a website that’s SEO optimized.

We’ll design and develop for you a mobile friendly website

Do you know that more that 90% of the world’s internet users have access to mobile devices and tablets? This means that it’s highly likely for a huge number of your customers to access your website using their smartphones and tablets. Also, Google ranks mobile websites higher in the search engine results. That’s why our web design and development team ensures that the website they design for you is mobile friendly and responsive.

We’ll design and develop for you a secure website

Nowadays, there are so many cases of hacked data and information. Therefore, if you want a website that requires customers to leave their personal data and information, you will need to assure them that it is secure from hackers. And by the way, secured websites are given priority to secured websites in Google search results. So, let us design and develop for you a secure website.

We’ll design and develop for you a fast-loading website

A website that doesn’t load in 3 seconds at most will have high bounce rates. In fact, it’s estimated that 40% of your website’s visitors will leave if your website is slow. So, avoid losing customer conversions to your competitors. Let our team of experts develop for you a fast-loading website.

We’ll design and develop for you a website that provides optimal user experience

Users expect to find what they are searching for on your website quickly and easily. This is particularly so when they’re using smartphones or tablets. Let’s build for you a website that offers optimal user experience.

Office 365

Office 365

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

Intranet Development

Intranet Development

Search Engine Optimization

First of all, what is SEO?

Simply put, this is the process of optimising the content on your website so that when customers search for products or services similar or same to what your business offers, your website will appear in top search engine results. For this to happen, your website needs to be coded. This way, search engines like Google and Bing can find it and crawl it. Also, you need to have a fast- loading website that is mobile friendly and secure. Also, you content needs to be relevant. That’s when any SEO efforts will be effective.

Digital Onpoint will provide effective SEO for your website through monitoring and improving your online footprint, including making your website more visible in the search results and differentiating your brand across the web. We achieve this by:

1. Running a digital analysis of your top competitors to see how your website ranks as
compared to theirs
2. Optimizing digital content and code for improved search ranking
3. Coming up with new website content and artworks
4. Optimizing and creating local SEO, e.g. through Facebook directories and Google MyBusiness
5. Measurements and Analytics reporting
6. Monitoring, tracking and adjusting your SEO campaigns

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